Fugitive E.P ~ Out now

Harrowman weaves an enchanting style of contemporary folk that appeals to troubadour, roots and acoustic music fans alike, effortlessly blending intricate guitar playing with soaring vocals and sharp, soulful lyrics. With a canny ability for melodic songwriting and a growing reputation for dynamic live performances, Harrowman continues to captivate an ever growing fanbase with a unique guitar style, beautifully crafted songs and the intriguing stories that surround them.
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The English Surrey hills and rural Hampshire border countryside provide the backdrop and inspiration for many of Harrowman’s songs, with personal experiences, social observations and local historical tales all thrown into the melting pot. Experiences of the natural world further abroad also seep into the lyrics and themes, from the rugged Australian outback to the misty forests of Southeast Asia.
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Harrowman’s debut album ‘Rite of Way’, recorded at WildWood Studios, portrays a songwriting talent in full flow, delivering concise storytelling and lyricism at its most urgent and compelling. Follow up EP, ‘Fugitive’ expands the ambition of the scope and sound further, serving up a joyful celebration of the natural world as well as a call to arms to conserve and advocate for its protection.

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